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POP-OFF PRESSURE - Just off idle to ¼ throttle in conjunction with the low speed jet. LOW SPEED JET - Just off idle to 1/3 throttle. HIGH SPEED JET - 1/3 to ¾ throttle. HIGH SPEED SDJUSTER - ¾ to wide open throttle. The reason for adjusting in that order is because several fuel circuits contribute to the total fuel delivery of the carburetor.

400ex bogs at half throttle

  • - (Yfz450 Throttle Cable came with Carb) - Honda 400ex Thumber - $30 - Honda 400ex Air Intake Boot - $30 - UNI Universal 3"x6" Clamp on Air Filter - $40 - Raptor 660 Fuel Petcock - $15 - 2" Fuel Filler neck - taken from 02 Silverado - Short piece of 3" Stainless Steel Exhaust pipe - 5mmx.5 pitch Tap - $16
  • If I hurry and throttle back to idle it will stay running. Usually happens after 5-10 minutes of run time. I have a scag tiger cub 19 hp kaweaski , it starts ok ,but when engaging the blades at half throttle , place at full Traffic on JustAnswer rose 14 percent...and had nearly 400,000 page views in 30 days...
  • Aug 15, 2012 · The bike now runs tits at low rpm, idles great, and great power until mid range or 1/2 throttle, it gets real choppy and bogs down until it almost dies, sometimes you can fight through it and get it to a little higher RPM. I did try adjusting the needle up one (slot 2) and down one (slot 4) both made it run shitty.
  • I have a 1999 prairie 400 4x4 its been sitting for a while but I did get it to fire and rode it around a bit but if you get on the throttle it doesn't want to go right away and when it does get up and go its sputters and backfires but will eventually get up to speed. I figured it was clogged...
  • Apr 20, 2020 · Throttle was replaced 4 months ago and has been cleaned 3 times and I have done 3 resets and relearns. Report. 2005 Ford Freestyle 180,000 mi, Visitor.

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  • I have a 1992 60hp evinrude. Motor is bogging down when i open up the throttle. It has become a little difficult to start but once started it will idle all day if need be. Once I get above about half throttle you can really hear it bog down and I am only getting somewhere in the neighborhood of 2500 rpms.
  • Starts fine, idles fine, when in drive and light throttle she does fine, but when pressing the throttle past half way to overtake, she bogs, like it's starving for gas...let off the Nothing was done to the truck previous to the bogging at acceleration/hard throttle, and the battery was not unplugged before either.
  • The pneumatic governor also relies on one or two springs to pull the throttle toward the open position. As the load lessens and engine speed increases. Air blown by the flywheel also begins to increase, causing the governor blade to pull the throttle plate toward the closed position in its effort to maintain a steady engine speed.
  • The Predator likes to be in a higher gear than a piped 400EX or Raptor to keep from bogging. Riding style is more like a 2-stroke by comparison than your typical, low-end grunt of a 4-stroke motor.
  • Jul 31, 2009 · If it idles fine but it bogs down with throttle, your high speed gas jet is probably clogged. Clean your carb and spray carb cleaner in all small passages, make sure air can flow through all ports no matter how small. Put it back together and it should run great.
  • Aug 14, 2015 · Hi, so I have the rest of my 670 Street Avenger carb on my 360 tuned in now pretty good. I currently have: PV 5.5" PVCR 33 Main Jet 65 primary (waiting for a 66) secondary 70 Squirter Nozzle 28 Pink Cam, hole 1 Vacuum in Drive 11"ish Idle Speed 840 Idle AFR 14:1 (idles nice and smooth)
  • Now it’s time to work on the needle. Mark the throttle grip at 1/4 and 3/4 openings. Ride the bike between these two marks. If the bike bogs for a second before responding to throttle, lower the clip (raising the needle) a notch at a time until the engine picks up smoothly.
  • So my question is, how bad is it to accelerate from 50km/h to 100km/h with full throttle in a small car? By watch my on board economy monitor it seems my fuel economy is either the same or slightly better when I shift first gear at 3000rpms~ and second at 3000-4000rpms~ at half throttle.
  • Hello, and thank you so much for getting back to us... ok question #1- At the start of the race it has a major hesitation at the hit of the throttle. #2 Engine is 490 Dart Chevy #3 Ignition timing is 38 #4 Carb is twin 10-50 dominators #5 Ignition is MSD Al 7 crank trigger.
  • The company noted in 1969, as well, that primary throttle shafts in all four barrel carburetors for the Challenger and Barracuda were offset by 0.045" so that the upstream half of the valves were 0.09" wider than the other half, to help the valves return to idle positions.
  • My Stihl Weed Trimmer Is Dying at Full Throttle. Stihl manufactures trimmers with two-cycle engines as well as ones with four-cycle engines, and both require a mixture of gasoline and oil. One ...
  • Zero speed at any resistance less than 400 Ω (0.4 V). Controller output increases as resistance increases in the selected direction. The ramp shape number refers to the PWM output at half throttle, as a percentage of its full range. For example, if maximum speed is set at 100% and creep...
  • Aug 26, 2020 · Unplug and pinch off your vacuum advance. Set initial timing and idle to spec. Plug in vacuum advance. The timing nor the idle should change. If it does your throttle plate is not all the way seated allowing vacuum to the advance at idle. If this is the case come back for more info. Only mess with one thing at a time.
  • Got another set of 400ex a-arms cheap. Some of the ball joints are bad. Looking at some replacement options.
  • It starts and idles but bogs down and starts to die once throttle is applied. View File 1999-Later Honda TRX400EX Carb/Cable Removal 1999 - Later Honda TRX400EX Carb/Cable Removal Supplement Submitter edb6969 Submitted 11/02/2020 Category Honda ATV.
  • Jan 27, 2010 · I have the same problem with my craftsman leaf blower model 358.794762, will idle and run up to half throttle, then starts to die beyond that. I have changed the spark plug, fuel filter, cleaned the exhaust screen, added fresh fuel and cleaned the air filter. No improvement, added some sea foam fuel additive, still no improvement.
  • Hey guys I turned the air screw in half a turn and it made a world of differance thanks a ton. But now I have another question how can I make the power of this little bike hit a little smoother. It seems like when im on it the throttle is real smooth then when it gets on the pipe it wants to throw me off the back. (Im 230lbs my son is 75lbs.)
  • 2011 RZR 800S, Great Shape Only 101Hrs Steel Doors, 4500lb winch, roof & half windshield, lock and ride storage box & spare Rim & Tire Asking $10,000 Call, Text or Message if interested 403-929-2348 Located in Lethbridge
  • If after this, it still seems to bog down (if it does, it should be doing it after you really peg the throttle but not if you slowly accellerate), start adjusting the low end needle...lean it out. Just adjust it a little at a time though...a little goes a long way on this one.
  • bogging on half to full throttle The Workshop. Latest discussions at Pit Bike Club: Stomp 140 forks Hi I have bought a stomp 140.
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Just picked up an 04 400ex for cheap, ran kind of choppy when i looked at it, i didnt test drive it. anyway I took out the carb completely cleaned it out did all that, it idles great, i can give it full gas in neutral, no hesitation.
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This spring I bought some new gas and added 10 yr old Castrol Super Oil. The Echo would only idle and would die with any throttle. Dumped it all. Got new gas, added Lucas semi synthetic 2 cycle oil. Bought but did not use Seafoam. The Echo is now running smoothly. It would seem that the old Castrol 2 Stroke oil was the culprit.
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Feb 02, 2014 · I have similar problem with my 08 700 XP. Runs good starting out, but after about 15 miles of stop and go over small rolling hills it starts to lose power and bogs at half throttle. Then it gets worst and wants to die. I can turn key off and then on and it perks up again for a short distance.

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  • I've run into nothing but issues such as bolts snapping off in engines, causing the engine to bounce and snap the chain slicing my tire while doing 30+ odd MPH. When I first got the bike, I was able to run at full throttle without an issue. Now, when running the bike the engine bogs down at anything over 80% throttle.
    This spring I bought some new gas and added 10 yr old Castrol Super Oil. The Echo would only idle and would die with any throttle. Dumped it all. Got new gas, added Lucas semi synthetic 2 cycle oil. Bought but did not use Seafoam. The Echo is now running smoothly. It would seem that the old Castrol 2 Stroke oil was the culprit.
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