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I need to cut some 2-3 mm thick plastic piping, would either a metal or stone angle grinder disc do the business - and which would work best ? Or is there another one you'd recommend ? It's the smallish 115x22 disc size I need - the thinner the better. Cheers John

Cutting thick plastic

  • This kind of cutting board is made of premium PE material. A good helper in the kitchen! We will solve your problem as soon as possible. - Use it for quick cutting jobs, universal for restaurant prep and kitchen use.
  • Plexiglass Sheet - Extruded Acrylic Plastic Sheet is available in Cut-To-Size Sheets, Full Sheets, or Standard Basic Sizes. Plexiglass sheet is a glazing, signage, sneeze guard, window or display material that is strong, moisture resistant & is more clear than glass.
  • Polycarbonate clear plastic sheet is an extremely versatile and strong material with a high resistance to impact. It's usually chosen over other forms of plastic sheeting because of its strength and resistance to impact. Although easy to fabricate, unlike cast and extruded acrylic sheet material, the edges of polycarbonate cannot be polished.
  • Plastic types suitable Plastics can be marked or engraved with lasers in a variety of ways. With a fiber laser, you can mark many different commercially used plastics, such as polycarbonate, ABS, polyamide, and many more with a permanent, quick, high-quality finish.

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  • A cutting board (or chopping board) is a durable board on which to place material for cutting. The kitchen cutting board is commonly used in preparing food; other types exist for cutting raw materials such as leather or plastic.
  • The wire under the effect of current, heat and cut easily and cleanly styrofoam, much much better than with a knife or a cutter, particularly for large pieces (> 5 cm thick). It can also be use to cut plastic or synthetic foam.
  • Mar 12, 2012 · Plastic cutting boards are the most often recommended by profesional chefs. Typically made from polyethylene, plastic boards are durable and last long. They can be washed easily by hand or in a dishwasher. They're relatively okay on knives but not as good as wood or bamboo.
  • • Cut the edge trim to the desired length, preferably using a good, sturdy pair of clippers to ensure a clean cut. • Press the plastic edge guard down along the edge you are covering, providing even pressure throughout application. The adhesive seal will adhere to the edge with ease and create a tight seal.
  • 1.5MM THICK CUTTING BOARDS. 1.5MM cutting board is thicker and better than the ordinary plastic cutting board on the market, and it is more effective to reduce scratches. Made of super durable plastic material, it is superior to ordinary poly cutting board, HDPP is more resistant to warping, knife wound and dyeing.
  • More than eight million tonnes of plastic goes into the world's oceans each year. That's a lot of plastic which can harm animals and the environment. So what's being done about it?
  • A water-jet cutter is one of the best ways to do it, but a water-jet cutter is too expensive for most of our budgets. If there is a large machine shop locally they may have one. For a simple DIY acrylic project at home, a table saw or radial arm saw with a blade that is designed for cutting acrylic will work fine.
  • Vivid® Sisal is a thick wrap and is available in a range of strong vibrant colours on a roll. Sisal rolls are a perfect accent for floral designing, flower bouquets and flower wrapping. Posy holders are a functional and convenient way to create consistent and creative flower bouquets and posies.
  • May 03, 2007 · Cutting thick perspex/clear plastic with hand tools Reply to Thread. ... I have some 5mm perspex/clear plastic that I'd like to cut for use in a project. Any tips on ...
  • Tips. 1- Don't put the hole through across a ripple, curve etc. Makes it impossible to get most bulkhead fittings to seal properly. 2- Don't push too hard on the drill, if the plastic is brittle, you are more likely to make a crack that way and having the point of the hole saw suddenly punch through with force may cause the rest of the hole saw to hit and bite unevenly causing you to twist ...
  • Acme Plastics offers cut-to-size option on acrylic sheets, polycarbonate, expanded PVC foam board, high impact styrene, HDPE cutting board & other materials.
  • These plastic sweep kits are available for the following glass thicknesses: 1/4",1/2",3/8" -- and the following shower door configurations: Single, 90 Degree, 180 Degree shower doors. Giving your shower door a clean look and keeping the water inside of your shower. Clear Color Polycarbonate. Sweeps can be purchased individually or in kits.
  • Plastic Cutting Board found in: Cooking Concepts Flexible Chopping Mats, 2-ct. Packs, Cooking Concepts Dual-Sided Cutting Boards, 8x11 in., White Plastic Colanders, 10 in., Betty Crocker Red Plastic Colanders, 8.25 in., Cooking..
  • Recycled Plastic Wood and Recycled Mixed Plastic Lumber made only from plastic sourced from UK door drop collections. Recycled plastic lumber and recycled timber plastics, also known as recycled plastic wood, is made from taking useless plastic rubbish, and after it has been processed carefully, using 66% less energy than is used in virgin plastic production, we make something both ...
  • Big Cutting Boards Come in Various Shapes, Designs and Grain Styles Whether you’re searching for big board or block that's round or rectangular, edge-grain or end-grain or thick or thin, you'll find it on Butcher Block Co. Choices also include large cutting boards with bun feet made of wood or steel, or with a juice groove or gravy tray.
  • Cutting Experts can fabricate a number of materials from metal, stone, tile, plastics and foam into parts, custom shapes, sizes and forms for various markets. Our unique partnerships with suppliers...
  • Plastic Edge Trim and Rubber Trims and Rubber Seals - Trim-Lok is well recognized and respected as a leader in the manufacture of top quality trims and seals, Trim-Lok provides high quality, superior service and competitively priced trim & seal products.
  • Cutting Edge Business Cards offers a variety of affordable printing for your business card needs. Our premium 14PT, 16PT, 18PT business card stocks as well as 20MIL and 30MIL plastic business cards will leave your customers impressed with the quality of print and lasting impression these cards generate.
  • With a 20W (5.5 optical power) laser diode you will have the possibility to easily engrave on plastic Laser diode engraver is suitable for small workloads. If you need fast engraving, cutting thick...
  • SET OF 4 COLOR CODED HIGH QUALITY THICK PLASTIC CUTTING MATS - DISHWASHER SAFE - Great for kosher & vegetarian households! - flexible cutting board measure 12 inches by 15 inches.
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Best Cutting Boards (Bamboo, Marble, Plastic & Granite Cutting Boards). Last Updated on April 28th 1. Large and Small Checkered End Grain Bamboo Thick Cutting Board Set. Low maintenance.
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Plastic cutting boards are popular because they tend to be more affordable. Although plastic can handle the dishwasher (unlike wooden cutting boards), it's best to hand wash in order to lengthen the...
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Laser Cut Acrylic Discs and Washers. Laser Cut Plastic Shapes. Laser Cut Acrylic Letters and Numbers . Our High Quality Laser Cut Products have thousands of uses . Check our Product Gallery to see if we can make what you want . We started in business in 1979 as clock material suppliers and we originally started making laser cut plastic shapes ...
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Water jet cutting technology has been used for several decades to perform plastic and acrylic cutting. In fact, this process supersedes the development of the abrasive waterjet used to cut harder materials...

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  • Use plastic bags for giveaways, boutique shopping bags, corporate events and more! Plastic Bags at Wholesale Prices. We offer a wide variety of different shapes, colors and styles of plastic and PVC bags that are perfect for any use! Plastic die-cut handle bags come in a variety of solid and frosted colors and work great as grab bags or ...
    Find great deals on eBay for cutting board plastic. Shop with confidence. Extra Thick Flexible Plastic Cutting Board Mats Set of 4 With Food Icons.
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